Caught in the Act

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And lo, a cat has been spotted using the fountain — at a time that I was able to sneak a picture. Poison has used it a few times prior, but I wasn’t able to get my phone out fast enough. Y’all know how she is — she’s a camera hog when she wants to be; hitting the fountain isn’t precisely dignified. *laughs*

I’ve spent today working on getting all my stuff ready for our Ender Dragon run. Obviously, not going to happen tonight, not this late, but at least my gear is ready, I’ve got some potions stashed in addition to the frankly grotesque quantities I made for general use. Now I’m just waffling on whether or not I want to try my luck with bedplosions in The Nether for a few more scraps. I’ve got the potions, I’ve got the full netherite armour… if not now, then when.


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