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I am feeling warm and a bit squishy today. The humidity is fairly high, and we could do with a bit of rain to clear the air. The rain is feeling very maybe right now, but yanno… fingers crossed.

I’m also kind of flub-fingered today in a squishyhands way. I was preparing to take dinner dishes back to the kitchen, when I knocked over a drink across some paperwork and the outside paper frame of an old photograph. I freaked out and handed that to Z, who hopefully managed to sort it out. We got the table wiped down, I got the dishes to the kitchen, but still. Mum kept eying me to make sure I was okay. I told her I was fine, even if I was still feeling a bit sheepish about it.

Past that, just sort of gonna zone out, and think about how I’m going to process on my current crochet blanket.


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