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I took this picture yesterday, but it’s still a good one to share. I obviously still need to do the books, but at least I got the storage units over to the side. I hadn’t thought about doing that until I got stuck into the cleaning, but it suddenly made itself clear that this was the right place.

And, bonus, Mum is impressed with her birthday present. She, in proper mum fashion, gets worried when the house gets on top of us; she thinks it’s bad for our mental health. Maybe so? I would be lying if I said that my mood hadn’t been a bit brighter the last day or two. I’ve still got a few bits that I would like to address on my side of things, but I keep surprising myself by the bits I am getting done. Like, I did the other side of the desk today! And part of the floor! Woo! It’s nice. I hope that we can keep getting stuff sorted. Like we said to her — we’re a lot less adverse to getting rid of stuff these days. But it’s still really hard to throw away something that’s perfectly good when it could go to someone else (or at least, our heads tell us that).

That’s about it, really. Gonna go digest and zone out.


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