Further Divinity

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Batman was being cute this morning when I was trying to drag myself out of bed, so I annoyed him by snapping a few pictures. He’s such a handsome rangy critter; I love that both of our cats have green green eyes. It’s a weird thing perhaps, but like… it matters to me for some reason? Anyways. They’re beautiful, and he was certainly annoyed, so job done.

Not a lot to report on the whole for the day. Did a tiny bit more tidying and reorganising. Got work-work done to an okay degree. I also got a set of stitch markers last night, and photographed and listed them today. I even remembered between those two points to clean the mat insert for my lightbox. I keep thinking about buying some pretty fabric to use as my background as well, but I don’t want something too busy either. So eh. Maybe something’ll come to mind, or not.

*wanders off*


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