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Poison has turned into quite the lapcat in the past year or so. But she upped her cuteness this morning by going full layabout. I mean, look at that face. Look at that sprawl. I can only worship at the altar of her cuteness.

I’ve not done too much cleaning today, though I did sort through a few tiny bits. The urge to start on my books grows stronger with each passing day, but I made myself do the chore I direly needed to do first — sort through mumbly-million loads of clean laundry. So yes, everyone has underpants again or something, ha ha. We’re trying. It’s hard for us because yanno, age and health and kids and work and stuff. I don’t think we’ll ever have a pristine ome (nor would we want one), but Mum probably has something when she says it’ll be good for our mental health to have things a little less chaotic.


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