Big Pimpin’

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When I was in the Air Force, learning my language, I ganked my then-boyfriend’s laptop and used it until… well, until I dumped him. I know, not mature. *ANYWAYS* We had The Sims on there, and he’d put a snippet of the song ‘Big Pimpin’‘ on the in-game radio, and it was always amusing to me when the Sims in my households would wiggle along to it.

Tangential tangent is tangential, ha ha.

Naw, today’s big deal is that Smaller’s birthday computer has arrived. Z got the most pertinent launchers installed, so she’d played some Minecraft, and appears to be playing a game in Roblox now. Yeah, her birthday is still a few weeks hence, but like we’d deny anyone access to their new tech until an arbitrary date. We’re glad that she finally has a machine that miiiight keep up with the breakneck speed of her brain. Maybe. 🙂

Past that, not much to report. Still not convinced that the foot of this sock is going to be long enough .I’m close to finishing the heel turn, so I might switch it to a bigger needle and check the fit. I’m not adverse to a snug fit in theory, but in practice this looks like it might be too snug. Hopefully it’s fine; I would hate to have to start over. *stretches over foot* I think it’ll work… I guess I’ll see once I get some of the actual foot knitted up.

Back to that!


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