Have Faith

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This time, I’m doing my toe ups with the heel as you go. I’m not convinced by the construction on this pattern. Well. It’s less a pattern, and more a loose confederacy of ideas, but that’s more or less what I wanted. This is for me to get my head around the basic techniques of toe up construction, so that when I *do* finally do a proper pattern, I’ll be able to approach it with more confidence. For now, I think that it’s going okay. I think that my faith is being rewarded. We’ll see how it goes as I work on it through the evening, and onward.

Because of course, tonight is *Eurovision*! The first semi-final, at least. We’ve not done our usual prep; Z normally does a dynamic spreadsheet so we can more easily keep score as we go along. But he hasn’t, and you know what? I’m fine with it. I think that I will be zoning out a looot tonight, just generally soaking in something we missed last year that I/we love so. My friends are already starting to pop up in various social media locales in prep to watch/critique together, so yanno. Party. 😀


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