Judgy McJudgeface

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Batman takes great pleasure in:

  1. Trapping me in bed, and
  2. Judging me for still being there

I think that this picture from yesterday morning captures the best of both of these things. Also, am I the only one feeling like he’s channelling quest-giving NPC vibe? I’m just saying. *laughs*

Not much going on today. I’ve spent most of it knitting, and have already gotten to the heel portion of the first sock. It says to start 3 inches out, so I’m having to trust that it works out properly. And well, feeling under the weather in general. I’ve seen friends comment that the whole lockdown things means that they weren’t affected by ‘minor’ colds in the same way, while I’ve had low to mid-grade colds the entire past year and change. Z commented that we could probably stand to vacuum a bit more, which… touché, probably true on many levels.


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