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Poison doing her normal nighttime thing of claiming my chair, but — we’ve sort of reached an accord! Which is to say, she’ll actually get into the chair with me in the room now, and will sometimes let me carry her over to it. Maybe it’s her idea of punishment for the days where she comes over an hour before my bedtime and starts hollering at me to move, ha ha.

Not much to report. The excitement of today is that something either bite or stung me on the stairwell, and I am not impressed. I thought it felt like a spider, but Z didn’t see anything. It does look more like a sting than a bite, and after he Savlon’d me and I got my heart rate down, it doesn’t look too bad. Of course, coming from Texas and all those charming venomous bastards there, my brain is gonna probably keep panicking for a bit. So it goes.

I’m off. Laters!


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