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Okay realtalk, this was an attempt to take a sad/mope picture, and it just came out grumpy. I’m still feeling a bit sad and mopey, but come on — hilarious.

But yeah! Sad! Mope! Just got slammed with a wave of it last night and it’s still lingering today. Mourning of sorts, I reckon. We can like… *gesticulate* make choices in life that are right for us, but that doesn’t change that sometimes it leads to things that can punch you in the face. Still, Mum gets it. I even got a high five out of her while discussing our comparative situations, so that was pretty cool.

Anyways. It’s a legit warm-to-hot day by UK standards. It’s 63F/17C, and I can feel it. The humidity is ‘only’ 65%, but the combination of it all makes it feel warmer than it might actually be to me. Still, I have my ceiling fan (which I might up a notch), and we’ve got the windows open to catch the cross-breeze, so… best of it, and more so because it rained heavily yesterday and we’re supposed to see a lot more of that over the next week or two.

I’m off — knitting calls. Laters!


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