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Batman is going to be so happy that the kids are back in school tomorrow; their continued daytime claiming of the upstairs bedrooms for their own private space has turfed him out of his normal daytime sleeping plans. Which means a lot of him sitting on the couch and eying me askance; don’t worry furbabe, things’ll be ‘normal’ tomorrow.

Today is ‘back to normal’ for a lot of the nation, which… I’m not confident about at all. Shops are open? Gyms? Salons? Yeah naw, I’m going to stay right here at home. I have zero faith that we will make it to summer without at least one more lockdown. I hope to be proven wrong, but. *shrugs* Better to be cynical and end up pleasantly surprised, I reckon.

For now, on to knitting and chilling. I’ve managed a bath today. I’ve processed laundry in a meaningful fashion. Now let’s see if I can manage a total of 30-40 rows of this scarf today. I did 42 yesterday, which I was pleased with. I don’t expect to get as many done tomorrow ’cause hey, like, actual work day. Probably.


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