Hey Pig

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*sings* Yeah yoooou. Heh. Should listen to that song; not heard it in ages.

Headache continuation aside, today has been a pretty solid day. I hit the caught up to the point where I could cut out of work early point earlier, which always feels good. I left my ‘shopping list’ of niggles for D and Z to sort out, and will check in on that tomorrow.

We also popped over to Mum’s house briefly to drop a few things off, and to just socialise for a few in general. I’m trying to strike a better balance of making a point to visit, and taking the few moments of solitude I can get my hands on. I’m kind of hoping that when things get back to ‘normal’, that the previously office-bound people will do a day in the office each week, and that I can take that day to zone out here. I’ve not said anything to Z to this affect yet, but it’s been in the back of my mind for some time now. Really, I don’t mind him around for 99.999999999999% he’s around. We’re good at being alone in our own space. But there’s just that something extra again knowing that I can completely shut down mentally. I’m not sure that I can explain it any better to people who don’t have ADHD, heh. It is what it is.

Right, gonna go digest and zone out. Smaller had an eyetest today (perfect vision again), and she brought home McDonalds as a treat. So I’m overfed on chicken nuggets, nom nom.


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