What a Poser

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Poison was sitting on the floor yeowling at me, so I decided to see if I could snap a photo of her as she pretended to be grooming herself. You know, how cats’ll stop and lick at themselves to demonstrate how they are ignoring you, but she forgot the supposed to be ignoring me bit. She actually stayed like that until I started moving towards her for pets — then she wandered off.

So cute. Slain. Etc.

Nothing much of excitement today, which is fine by me. Some degree of work happened. Some degree of monster slaying happened. Mainly, been making a smidge of progress on my sock. One of my friends is knitting her first ever socks, and she bravely was going toe up. So now I feel even more challenged to get my head around doing such. I think I’ve gotten my head around the turkish cast-on, and that I can hopefully apply that the same way to other weird cast-ons. We’ll see!

for now, back to yon yarn.


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