Too Bright

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The sun has been making itself known today. I grumbled to Z earlier that the sun was coming through my window, and wasn’t that just rude. But on the whole, it’s been a pleasant day weather-wise, and I enjoyed my quick jaunt to the postbox and back.

After that, we popped around to see Z’s parents, as it was his dad’s birthday. That was… well. Z’s dad is deaf AF, and even with a hearing aid, he’s not used to hearing me talk-talk, so I have to shout anyways. I tried asking him a straightforward question that was in his wheelhouse, which… yeah… forgot he can’t do straightforward. I left more frustrated and less informed than when I got there, ha ha. But never mind, such as it is.

Since then, I’ve been buying  beads and zoning out. I got some pretty ones off of Amazon, which weren’t a match for my existing bead supply in that size, but are still pretty and crying out to be lovingly used. So I will have to look at that in the near future. I have a few sets that I still need to photograph and list, and I need to finish recreating the sets that sold yesterday. I’ve gotten a start on that, which is in part why I was reminded to buy beads. One set, I don’t have the right blue for at current, so a full replenish of that size and style should hopefully help me out. I could also consider going the ‘you’re going to get a random colour mix’ route, but I don’t feel super good about that either. I don’t mind recycling photos if I recreate the photo exactly, which I think is fair enough. I want my customers to get exactly what they think they’re getting, you know?

Right, I’m off. Be safe, y’all.


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