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Z and I were pottering around this morning, getting into work mode, when the internet went down. It’s like, oh… and yeah, even the modem was red and angry. tl;dr, they were doing work on the main cable on the main road, and it took out pretty much everyone in the village. We were worried that it was gonna be all day, but it picked back up shortly after the girls got home from school. Which was a relief, ’cause we were all tethering to our phones for internet, and that lead to fun things like having to point out the obvious (TikTok is videos, no videos until proper internet is back up, etc). Z made sure that our ISP, who is also our mobile phone provider, set us up so our internet usage wouldn’t decimate our data allowance, and there’s a little 4G-connecting modem inbound in case this sort of thing happens again. It probably won’t, but yanno… ‘free’ tech? Our plan is the one where they guarantee a connection, so why didn’t they just give us that bonus modem at the start of our contract.

Anyways. We were able to get some work done, I had a bath, so yanno, party. Bonus party came in the form of Mum coming around for a wee bit. Z had run her to the village hall to get her flu shot, and invited her to pop in for a bit. Turns out it meant a lot to her, to see the inside of someone elses’ house, and to see people at the village hall. She’s feeling the isolation of these times keenly; she might get out a smidge more than me, but she isn’t online and constantly connected to friends and loved ones.

Off to yarn and things.


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