A Bouquet

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Smaller gifted me with a triple handful of leaves she’d picked up. What else could I do but wrap the stems in a bit of string, and put them in a ‘vase’ to admire? They’re still very alive leaves, though starting to change colour a wee bit… might as well admire them for a few days before moving them on to the great beyond.

Today has been… eh. It was warm enough that I considered putting the a/c on a few times, but managed to give it a miss. Tomorrow, probably not, but we’ll see. Z has been working hard on his current house project atop work-work. The Hermes fellow collected our DVDs (and casually shared a tidbit from his life because we see each other all the time), and Z just moved the Lego from in here into the cupboard where he’d found the hidden cache of DVDs. He and Smalls also sat in the study and did some winnowing, so that’s moving towards a place where the new desks can be set up. Smaller is getting along with her new desk just fine, and we moved her old desk in here for Z to use because it’s a great height and on wheels, so super useful for him.

What else… got the notification from PC Specialist that my laptop should be getting built next Monday. Yay? Boo? I want it nowww, but I also want it right, so. I’ve also had a raging headache, so that’s been fun. I took some co-codamol, but it’s wearing off. I don’t want to take any more today, so hopefully I can throw some hydration at it and push it back a smidge. Hopefully.

Right, I’m off. Gonna see if I can finish this first sock tonight, ’cause I’m super close to it. 😀


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