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One of the myriad sell your stuff sites here in the UK is Music Magpie. Z had made an account a few years ago with the intent of shifting some of our DVDs, ’cause we don’t really need/want physical media anymore. They take up space that we could be using otherwise, and while we could probably get better money trying to like, sell each set on Ebay or whatever… we’re happy to get a few pennies for as little fuss as possible. I’m well amused that some of the biggest money rakers are stuff I brought from the US! We’re still talking like, £2 for a boxset that I paid £30 for or whatever, but like… it’s fine. Get it out of my house.

And to my amusement, Z found a cache of DVDs earlier when looking for our keyboard. Nanny had suggested that we set it up over there for the girls to play with, ostentatiously ’cause they have more space (Z thinks that she wants a go as well). Pulling all of those out of the cupboard means that there’s room to shift Lego from in here to in there, which means more access to the bottom bookshelves and their DVD caches, and gives me room to hopefully pull out all my books and reorganise them. Mainly, I’m just like, super happy that I will have more room to put my books away properly, rather than leaving them in dubious stacks in vaguely reasonable locations.

Right, back to knitting and zoning out.


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