Shady by Nature

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I spotted these little lovelies on a trip down to the postbox earlier. They looked purpler with my sunglasses on, but alas, the sunglasses lied. Oh well. *chuckles* They were still there waiting for me to discover them, once again showing me that there are flowers waiting everywhere for me.

I also found some more sweet loot on the way home. A lot of people in the village (and across the country, apparently) are putting things out in their front gardens for people to take. I picked up a well good HUUUUGE tea tray the other day, and this time I picked up a picture frame I’d hemmed and hawed over last time. I also picked up some LED lights, which are super bright and potentially useful… except they are infrared activated. If I can find a way to trick them into turning on and off for me in useful ways, then perhaps I can use them to help develop more lights for my photography area. If not that, then we now have some free bright-ass lights to put in a cupboard or something, as the Engrish on the instructions suggests.

What else, what else… oh! We’ve been really overdue for getting an upgrade on our broadband equipment, so Z contacted our provider yesterday evening to discuss it. We have had concerns with the fact that the latest isn’t dual-band by nature — it picks the better band automatically. Smart things, like speakers and lights, operate on 2.4GHz, while we obviously prefer the 5GHz for our normal broadband usage. We think they’re actually going to get it set up tomorrow? Whatever the case, it’ll be nice to see if the internet improves. It’s been getting a bit spotty lately, which is fair. It’s been that many years since we last upgraded hardware.

*claps hands* Right! Gonna go knit or something.


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