In the Shade

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Don’t go hiding
Hiding, in the shadeShade by Silverchair

I only put the above in ’cause it popped into my head, and it’s a corking good song from Ye Olden Days of the mid-90s. And because it was shady along the wall of the Post Office where I decided to stop and take a picture of my cute face. Cute, fever blister-blighted face, ha ha. I’ve always had a tendency to them for some reason… stress? Probably stress mainly. I’m not sure what caused this one to pop up, but I think it’s more or less on the way out.

But hey, c’est la weekend! I don’t have any plans outside of gaming and crafting, which really… plans enough. I should do laundry too. Probably. I’m starting to run out of clothing, which like. Yeah. *chuckles* Having said that, the jeans I ordered came in today and fit nicely, so that’s pleasing. It’s a bit warm for them, and I see myself living in leggings for the foreseeable future, but I’m glad I was able to replenish this part of my wardrobe on the cheap (like seriously, £27 for two pairs of bootcut jeggings that look like jeans and have a great flare). I’ve also got some shorts in-bound, but those are for bedtime//not wearing out of the house. I’ve not worn shorts out in public of my own volition in like, 24 years, so. It probably wouldn’t be so bad now that I epilate rather than shave, but I’d rather not risk my legs turning into an angry rashfest.

Anyhoos, back to crocheting hearts. I’ve had less Etsy orders this month than last month, but I’ve still had enough that my hearts need restocking. Then back to sock dramaz. I’m on a pattern row and I corked it up last night, which meant picking it back this morning. So fingers crossed it goes smoothly when I pick it back up in a few.


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