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Anodyne, besides being a game I am direly overdue to play, was the soothing capacity of taking a little walk to the postbox. It was simply gorgeous out, and a decent number of people were taking advantage of it (while still trying to observe social distancing, something that everyone seems to be trying hard to do).

It’s been an alright day so far, all told. I’ve been doing stitch marker science, since my listings are starting to thin out. I’m glad that I didn’t get around to repainting my nails this morning, because it’s very hard on the nails. Maybe I’ll repaint them tomorrow? Maybe not. If I feel like making things, I should make the things and then try to get my brain in gear for the rest of the steps that entails from idea in my head, to listing in my shop. Stupid executive dysfunction, making each step into 20. *chuckles softly*

Anyways! Smells like dinner is ready, so I’m off.


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