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Z gets the credit for this photo of Poison sleeping on not one, but two stuffed llamas. I was gonna go outside and take one, ’cause I have an Etsy order to take to the postbox… but it’s the Bank Holiday tomorrow, so it’s not like they’re going to be picking it up first thing tomorrow morning. Probably. It’s packed and ready for when I do feel like leaving the house to get it done with.

I’m currently in my least favourite state of being — not knowing what game to play. The bit of Northgard last night was a blast, and I’m theorising how best to approach the storyline level that I last failed. I’m just not up to putting the energy into it yet. I have lots of new games that have randomly been acquired for free or cheap over the last couple of months, so there’s stuff to poke at… hopefully something else will pique my momentary interest. The ‘problem’ is that I want something that’s a slow RTS that I can just leave running sedately next to me while I play with yarn, and anyways.


Back to yarn, and enjoying a nice day, if one’s concept of nice trends towards sunny. I both do and don’t; I’m emphatically a night owl trapped on a day ho schedule for the moment. But I guess knowing that Mother Nature is throwing down the good Vitamin D… I’ll be grateful I guess.


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