Aesthetically Pleasing

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Seeing as how I forgot to blog yesterday, y’all get yesterday’s photo — some hanging baskets that I found appealing. I’ve never personally got on with the medium, since I tend to forget about them due to being not on the ground.

And that, in the most tenuous of tangents, is why I’m remembering to blog today, ha ha. I have a nerve in the middle of my back, shoulderblade-y, that catches and pinches like demons. It’s the sort of thing where I have to take ALL THE MEDS, and let it rest for a bit. Typing is one of the least strenuous things I can do while waiting… and I’m not good at waiting/not doing things with my hands. But knowing that my current gaming is controller-based (I’ve got a 360 controller plugged into my PC), and that knitting and stitch markering use the same sort of aggro on that spot… well. It’ll pass in a bit, and I can be grateful that it’s managed to be a bit since I’ve bothered it!

Anyhoos. Pain is gone, belly is full of a most excellent sausage casserole, so I am going to resume doing things! Have a good eve, y’all.


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