Rainbow Skettis

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Probably a surprise to nobody, I finished the knitting on the jumper this afternoon. Now I have the job of weaving in 1,000 pieces of rainbow spaghetti. Sigh? Sigh. It shouldn’t be too bad once I get properly stuck into it. I’m already making some decent headway down the body, thanks to the internet helping me find the right method for me (it’s the bit about duplicate stitch on the wrong side).

Past that, work happened to a relatively decent standard. I’m scrubbed up to be passing normal when we go to Littler’s nativity tomorrow, and of course, when we leave the house to vote. I’m not expecting any miracles on Friday, even when today has seen the nominal Prime Minister running to hide in a fridge rather than giving an interview. ¬¬

Right, so. Hi, bye, gonna go eat dinner.


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