No Comments on 3/4

My knitting goal for the day was to get the first rainbow on the second sleeve done… job done! It certainly encourages me to try and get as much done as possible, time permitting.

For this exact second, I’m scratching a hole through my leg. I managed to gouge my ankle with the side of a fingernail the other day, and it’s just. So itchy. I presume that’s supposed to be it ‘healing’, but gaaaaah this is the worst. I’ve slapped some Germolene on it in the hopes it would burn and distract from the itchiness, but nope, went on smooth. It still itches. So rude. *shakes fist at ankle*

Beyond that, making a few political posts on Facebook in the hopes I can get people to think a bit more about who they vote for. I don’t think we’re going to manage to flip Bozo out of Number 10, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t try to convince people to vote for whomever stands the best chance of cutting his (currently non-existent) majority to ribbons. I would love to see things change so that we could actually vote with our hearts and have it count, but for the moment, gotta try to work within the shitty system that we have.

Right, I’mma scoot. Have a good eve, y’all.


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