Sunshine, Clawlipops…

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Yeah okay, this is probably a piss poor effort at a subject line, but it’s late and I hadn’t realised how late it was. *chuckles* This was one of a series of pictures I took of  Batman this morning, ’cause he’s cute. And because Seanan McGuire likes cat pictures, and if I can give something back to my current favourite author so easily, then why not? 😀

Work was work, and weather was weather. The former was more or less productive, while the latter was a bit rainy and on the cooler side. In short, a whole lot of satisfying, yes yes. Next to that, I’ve continued prodding along in Diablo III. I’ve finished a playthrough in seasonal mode, and am now working on completing the season journey. I’m about to tick off chapter one, and I’ve pre-completed almost half of chapter two. Most of the ones that I see should be possible to get done quickly enough. Probably not tonight, because we’re coming up on an hour until I drag my corpse to book and bed, but any progress is good. 😀

And yes, boook. I’ve not mentioned much of what I’ve been reading lately. I’ve not even been updating Goodreads. There’s been Seanan, of course, and I’m currently working through another Terry Brooks trilogy. This is one of The Word and the Void ones, so pre-dating the creation/isolation of the world that the Shannara books are set in. I like it. I like them all, really, though it took me some years before I could get my teeth into The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy. As much as I love fantasy and sci-fi, I had trouble getting my head into place for settings that combined both until after I moved here for no reason. And, for no reason, I finally got to a point where I was all sorts of down with it.

Right. Late, herd childrens to bed, etc.


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