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I figure I’d not posted a picture of the scrap blanket in awhile, so here ya go. It’s about 16 inches ‘long’ now; it’s still much wider than it is longer. I’m slowly adding wool from toy kits, which means it’s going through a bit of a brown patch due to a profusion of bears and reindeer. ¬¬ But never mind! It all goes into the thing and ends up with something to keep a lap warm.

I don’t know if I’m going to work on it tonight. I might work on the little cardi again… we’ll see. There’s also every chance I’ll ignore my knitting to chat and game, because still alllll the grinding in Diablo. I’m currently playing my Demon Hunter on Torment IX, and contemplating bumping that up a notch to try and complete more of the Champion-level objectives. But that also includes pains in the arse like mastering a set dungeon, so idk.

Anyways! Back to other things.


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