Muggin’ with My Boo

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This was part of a series of photos that was supposed to just be one of her sleeping extra curled up. But she woke up when I stood up, so we ended up getting a few shots of us rubbing heads together. It’s wild to think that she used to be scared of getting touched; she literally screams for it now. She she’s also super chill at the same time. The work continues next door (due to end sometime next week), and she’ll curl up against the wall adjoining and sleep like nothing is happening. It’s super cute, but then, I think that about everything in relationship to her.

Today I almost hit the work point that I’ve dying to reach — getting to the point where everything is caught up to this month at the least. I don’t know if I’ll be doing anything tomorrow ’cause Z is taking the day off for his belated birthday chillings, but we’ll see. Probably not though.

For now, dinnnnnnerrrrr.


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