No Comments on En-gauge-ing

I know, I know, I’m fired because that is the worst. xD But as this is the first of my holiday wool socks, I wanted to make the effort to vaguely gauge it. I’ve got a project in front of it, but it’s a quick knit, and since it’s knitting tonight, I wanted to make very sure that I had something to keep my naughty hands busy and then some… can’t be over-prepared, amirite?

This week has been both long, and short. It’s not like I’ve done that much extra, and that had to do with the children — Smalls’ appointment yesterday, and we all had to get hustling to get them out the door early this morning for school pictures. I don’t think I have anything more to do tomorrow besides enjoy the silence while working, which yanno, definitely happy to be back to after the summer holiday.

Right, I should probably get my things vaguely shoved into my bag.


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