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That spells moon. And yanno, two of ’em over the sky of Skyrim, I think. I think this was while I was taking the very long trek to Riften… all the treks in this game are long the first time, ha ha. It’s been nice though, chilling out and playing. And it’s been even nicer for the fact that yes, we managed to have a child-free evening/morning. I love our kiddos with all my heart and soul, but it was super refreshing to have the ability to lie in and focus on each other instead of the little ones. I love Z to bits too, but it was a nice refresher of why I love *him* to have him to myself for a bit.

Beyond that, the humidity has caught up with me. Mum was commenting on it earlier, but it hadn’t hit me yet. Now it has; I’m achy and wheezy. Thankfully, the only chore I really need to do is carry clean laundry upstairs… and the litter… heh. Still, it’s not too much all told, and at least the latter won’t require me to need to breathe much.

I should probably go do that while it’s half-time. We’re watching the friendly against Nigeria, and don’t wanna miss the fun. 😀


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