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We have no kids! WE ARE FREE ELVES!

For tonight, at least.

Yes, tonight is the big night when both girls finally get to spend the night together at their grandparent’s house. It’s been almost four years in the making, but it’s finally going down. Hopefully. We’ve talked to Z’s mom and we’ve talked to the girls, and everyone knows the parts that they should be playing, so fingers crossed we are free until tomorrow morning. At the very least, we’re going to be able to go out for a meal together, so that’s pretty awesome.


Today was… trying. The girls were excited (as to be expected), and I was trying to do year end stuff for the accounts that closed out yesterday. I made some progress, but not all the progress that I wanted to. Still, even if it takes me Tuesday to get it done, it’s more than quick enough.

Right, I should probably get my stuff together for the going out thing.


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