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As much as I’ve been on an organisation kick lately, there is always a part of me that expects it to only go so far. And maybe that will be the case with the shelving unit, but so far it’s helped me better organise several things, to include taking my stitch-making stuff out of the cupboard it was in. I need to rein in and organise the arm socks, but otherwise. I’m really happy with how well it’s all been holding up.

As foretold, the snow is mainly gone now. It was nice while it lasted, but I also have to recognise that we were in one of the places that wasn’t hit as bad.

Beyond that, I’ve realised that I need to slow my roll on Diablo-ing, ’cause I was getting bored earlier. I need to keep doing a bit of grinding, but not to the degree I have been. I’m poking at a fresh Minecraft game for the moment. We’ll see if I get an ocular headache, or if my headmeat is going to cooperate… fingers crossed, right? 🙂


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