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Z and the girls got home right as I was starting to fend off a nasty headache. Then Z asked the magic question — would I like a coffee? Well yes, caffeine helps, and I hoped it would make a dent in the gross factor of throbbing headosity. To my delight, he handed me coffee in a new unicorn mug, and one I’d been coveting for some time. And let me tell you, it was even cuter in person than it was in the picture on the Asda website, hee hee. It has tiny feet and a generous chamber, so it’s like a colourful cauldron of coffee. I don’t know if it made much of a dent, but it sure made me smile.

Headache aside, it’s been a nice day, albeit a generic work one. I did work between bouts of zoning out… probably zoned out too many times, but I guess I can take it as a sign that I’m still trying to heal up and to not push too hard. The headache is probably trying to say the same thing too, but I’m not good at stillness. I tried to force myself to stop and shut my eyes for a minute, but yeah… *chuckles* At least I didn’t go out last night, which would have probably made all of this worse.

Right, gonna go get more water, and think about knitting.


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