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While it still has a ways to go before it’s fully complete, I finished the body of Z’s jumper today. I didn’t expect to be knitting this afternoon, but E dropped in to hang out for a few hours. He confirms that the fit is where he wanted it, so hooray. We also conferred on what colour to do the sleeves in, which will be solid green rather than stripes. I’ve cast on for the first sleeve, so the party can continue shortly.

I’m really glad that E dropped in today, though. Circumstances have conspired against her in going out knitting both this week and last week, so I was a bit sad we didn’t get our normal hanging out time. And also, I’m not 100% that I’m going out tonight, so getting to socialise regardless was yay. bat made a good point for me earlier — maybe I shouldn’t go out if I’m still sick, so I don’t spread my germs around much. I don’t know that I’m germy per se, but yeah… maybe better safe than sorry. I’m putting off making the decision to the last possible moment, but I think I know which way I’m leaning.

My new corset came in today. I ended up having to pull it over my hips to get it on as my stomach was not cooperating with attempting to do eye hooks over it. It’s rather comfortable on my bare skin, which is pleasing; I wasn’t having any luck getting it up around my tank top. Since it’s not a particularly hard one, it doesn’t squeeze too much, or force my posture too northward. It’s like… more of a gentle nudge to sit up. We shall see how often I am inclined to wear it, but if I can get it on, it’s not a real imposition.

For now, a bit of gaming, a bit of knitting.


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