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Today, I have hit a landmark in jumper knitting — I have cast off the back side of things, and returned to the front. I’ve got my labouriously mathed out sheets, and I get to follow that for most of the way up. So that’s a bit of relief. I hope that the front will work faster than the back now that I know what I’m doing, but we’ll see. It’s still loads of work, ’cause sleeves and whatever picking up stitches I’ll have to do for the neckline. It’s all worth it though to be making something lovely for my love.

Speaking of Z, his birthday is this week — har har, getting old. But more importantly, we have a loose fix on what we’re going to do on that day. I’d suggested to him the other day that we find a reason to take the girls out for a meal, so we’re all going to go out for lunch, and then pick up something light for dinner. That way he doesn’t have to concern himself with cooking, as it should be on his special day.

One can also help that he’s feeling more human by then as well. His everything is pretty wrecked right now, so I ended up rubbing spoons together until my brain agreed to let me do dishes for him. This is sort of a big thing, ’cause OCD has made it really hard for me to do that now. I know, sounds dumb, but OCD is dumb. I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to manage anymore than what I’ve done, but what I’ve done covers what we need for tonight and tomorrow morning at least.

For now, we’re just waiting for takeaway to be delivered. I should probably attempt to knit a bit more before then.


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