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This face, this is a happy face. This is a face that figured out how to use her Christmas bonus last night. Well, more that I finally talked myself around to buying the things that I wanted, and now I feel better for having done it. And what new shinies are entering my life? Well, I’ve decided to get the same new phone Z has (Moto G5s Plus), and a new GPU for my desktop. The GPU is a GeForce GTX 1050… something… something… 4gb, ha ha. Z put the order through, so I don’t remember which one we agreed on at this exact second. We’ve not ordered the phone yet because it’s not available unless I want it in rose gold (absolutely not), but the GPU will be here tomorrow. Yesssh…

Also shiny is following Z into trying a new-to-us browser as our main browser. We’d been loyal to Pale Moon past the point of reason, so it was time to try something different anyways. He’d seen that Vivaldi was a good choice in one of his computing magazines, so I downloaded it earlier to check some of my must-haves, like Social Fixer. There are a few little things I don’t like about it, but for the most part, I waited much too long to make the change. And they’ll have a sync tool built in the near future, which will be super useful, since I browse across three computers and it gets really boring having to log in on one machine when I’m having to look up the login on another.

Today was a good day, work wise. We’re reorganising how we’re doing some procedures, so doing accounts falls later in that cycle. I didn’t get too far into that, but I did finally have some part of my brain unlock that was having an easier time than usual tracking errors that needed correcting. I’m pretty pleased with myself, since yanno, progress in the right direction. Even if one of the things I like best about my job is its zennish monotony, I do like getting better at it.

Right, off to doing other things.



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