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I am on the edge of a migraine right now — all because I wanted to read a wiki article. The problem is that the background on the wiki in question is black. I know I can’t really read things on black, but I REALLY wanted to read it and figured it might be worth the risk… I was wrong. *chuckles and pops some codeine*

Still, at least there isn’t anything I ‘need’ to do right now. I can’t do any further work of the moment because the IT guy who services our servers is… well, I don’t have anything nice to say, other than his repeated failure to do a very basic part of his job prevents me from working from afar. I did what I could, which wasn’t much.

But that’s okay-ish for today, because I wanted to take a nice hot soak, and I did. If anything, I can’t get the water hot enough this time of year, ha ha. But still, it was nice enough. Any bath is nice enough without children deciding they need to supervise.

Less okay-ish was realising yesterday that Beneath the Sugar Sky wasn’t out here until the 1st of February. Well. It’s out if you can do audiobook or e-reader… I can’t. *doinks brain* I’d mentioned it to Seanan ’cause I’m legit sad that I have to wait so long and am not supporting first week sales out that way. I guess I am out this way, but like… Orbit, please to be matching Tor because the world is like, global AF now and I shouldn’t have to wait an extra freaking month to get a book (or pay out the arse to get a copy shipped from the States). I consoled myself momentarily by pre-ordering the next InCryptid book. Amazon currently claims that it’ll be out in March, but we’ll see. Either way, grabbyhands for both books, they’re not in my grasp nearly quickly enough.

Right, back to migraine fighting. I’ve taken the codeine, I’ve done eye drops, and I’m currently having a can of Coke. It seems to be going the right direction, and I hit myself early enough that I can re-up before going out tonight.


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