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Today as everyone got home, they changed into PJs because that’s the best thing to do. So of course, I do the opposite — they get home, I get out of my PJs and put on some ‘real’ clothing, ha ha. I won’t lie — it’s tempting to go to knitting in my pajamas, but I do like to pretend that I can do normal when I’m out. xD

Today’s picture is from when I went upstairs to change. Batman was sleeping on Z’s Batman robe (always conscious of his branding?) as he usually was, so I laid down for a minute to let him headbutt me. He’s super needy when it comes to cuddles and pets, so I try to remember to hook him up at more times during the day besides our usual bedtime snugglefest.

Hah, I might have put my trousers on too early. It seems everyone is bowing out of knitting tonight because of either health reasons, or the weather. I can’t blame them on either count, but especially the latter — the wind is so fierce that it is easily mistaken for thunderclaps. I’ve messaged E to see what she wants to do, but there is every chance that she won’t see it until she gets out of work. I’m fine either way, and if we do stay in, that gives her time to have a proper dinner rather than the junk I put in a butter tub for her, ha ha.

Ah well. I better get my things ready just in case.


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