Crazy Weekend Face (Or Something)

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Yeah, tonight’s picture is what happens when I realise that it’s nearly seven and that I haven’t had any photographic inspiration all day… oh well. *chuckles*

Still, it’s been a productive day. Work-wise I got a lot of statements and templates generated, and processed a batch of invoices. Or yanno, did the same generic stuff that I do every day, but that I oddly enough kind of enjoy. I then switched to something else grindy and fun in the form of Diablo III. I’m currently in Torment IV running bounties on my seasonal character, and it’s slowly tipping from slightly too challenging to tolerable.

Speaking of tolerable, this is the month to get a Humble Monthly subscription if you ever were going to get one. Their offer for January is Civilization VI with two bits of DLC for $12. Twelve.freaking.dollars. Z and I managed to dither for a whole 10 minutes before diving in, but now we both have a proper copy of it for each of us.

Also tolerable, more than tolerable, was last night. E and I ended up being the only ones brave or foolish enough to go out to knitting. The pub was super quiet outside of the other end, where the Tottenham vs West Ham match was on. There was a couple sitting in ‘our’ section of the pub playing Uno, and E and I, both being people watching sorts, people watched. I’m not sure we would have noticed or cared if other people in our group had shown up. Having said that, the fellow of the pair was ultra hipster to a car wreck degree, and I couldn’t turn away, ha ha. Really though, both of us were happy to get out of the house, and we both admitted that we would have otherwise neglected our knitting. I’m going to try to remember to pick it up some this weekend… but we’ll see.

For now, time to go tuck little ones into bed.


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