Deck the Halls

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Z fished out the Christmas stuff today, and I ended up briefly decorating myself. This is a battery-powered string of lights, and Smalls has brought it over to me to put fresh batteries in. Since I didn’t know where Z wanted it, I wore it for a bit. Because why not. I have a friend who often goes out wearing a string of star lights, and it looks fab on her.

The forecasters are all saying that tomorrow, it’s going to snow. The general idea seems to be it’s going to snow, and it’s going to snow all day. I told Smalls, and she was thrilled. I guess I am too. I hope I can find the spoons to go out in it with the girls (and, I presume, Z!), but whatever the case I will enjoy sitting here watching it fall. I keep hoping that it will get started on it sooner rather than later, but it’ll do it whenever it does. I just hope it happens, and that it sticks.

Mainly today, I have done an excellent job of not moving. I can’t say that it’s particularly restorative, but it’s less draining than it could be. I’ve mainly been zoning out  and dicking around in Flight Rising; it does a good job of keeping a brain occupied while cheerfully eating up time. I’ve done a little bit on my knitting too. I really need to buckle down and work on that if I want to meet my goal of getting it done for Z’s birthday in two months. It’s probably more than doable — but I have to do it.

Whups, forgot to hit post last night. Dord!


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