When Weather Happens

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Finally, the snow thing occurred. We woke up with a nice accumulation, and it was a fairly steady fall for most of the morning. We managed to get outside twice as a group for a bit of a play, so that was excellent. I’m probably going to pay for it, but. Even feeling like crap and not wanting to move, it meant a lot to see the girls outside having fun in it. Now, to see if it sticks around overnight… though even if it does, I doubt I can hide indoors and avoid school runs and the like, ha ha.

We just finished re-watching The Force Awakens in preparation for Thursday. We have tickets for the ungodly hour of 10am, but it’s the earliest seating we can make. I’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding spoilers and speculation; much like the other recent entries in the franchise, I’ve enjoyed going into it without a head full of what if.

Hah, just got a text from the school that they’ll make a decision on whether they’re open or shut in the morning. So there’s that. It looks like it might nudge above freezing overnight, but that it’s likely to stay below. I guess we’ll see.

For now, I’m gonna zone out, game a bit, knit a bit. Life is good.


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