Third Time Around

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I have managed to make a lot of good out of this whole Monday thing for once. My morning writing efforts were knocked out well before the school run. I even had time enough to putter around a bit and get Littler’s ‘packed lunch’ ready for her when she got home. It amuses her to get her lunch out of her lunchbox even at home, so why not.

I built on that by getting some bits of cleaning and tidying done. My ‘half’ of the lounge is a bit of a garbage fire lately, but I made a bit of progress on it in addition to further desk clearing efforts. I’ve got things to figure out still, like the best way to house my stuffed animals cluttering up the end of the desk. I could take them upstairs and tuck them into bed with the ones I already have up there, but like… these are my downstairs ones? I have no idea of that makes sense.

I also, as the image might suggest, have made some progress on my knitting. I made a point to triple check how many rows were in the first section (one more than I had originally counted), and then made sure that the second section matched. I was bemused because I had a lot more wool left over, which must have just been the luck of the draw. Even if skeins of wool are all supposed to be the same size and weight, sometimes they just aren’t. So it goes. And at least I have lots in the colourways I’m using, so it’s not a big deal outside of making sure that the sections are the same number of rows, give or take.

Right, I am off to take some co-codamol ’cause I sneezed hard enough to rip something in my chest. Cross your fingers for me that knitting doesn’t bother it! ;D


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