Tide of Desk-truction

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Oh okay, I might be fibbing slightly. This is actually my desk after I’ve done some chipping away at it. It’s still pretty bad, but it’s not like I’ve had the spoons to chip at it. Shit, I’ve had a hard enough time doing my ‘basic’ daily writing.

I feel a little bad about it, ’cause Z has been in pretty crap nick too. And it’s like, hi. I want to help, but tell the meatsack I’m reputedly in charge of that. I’m not going to beat myself up over that, but I can recognise that it’s not fair on Z to have to carry the entire weight of the family on his very tired shoulders.

I guess that’s about it. One of the reasons writing is getting bloody difficult is that my level of brain fog has gotten bad again. I hope it clears up enough for me to feel a smidge more functional, but I’m not foolish enough to hope too much for it. *jazz hands*


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