Technique Testing

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In addition to the jumper that I am currently making for Z, I’m doing some blanket squares because heeeeey, all the blankets! I wasn’t terribly satisfied with the edges on the increased side of the square, so I’m tinkering with some other ways of increasing to give it a more uniform look. What I am doing right now gives it pretty edge of raised stitches. I’m not 100% sure that it’s ‘right’ for what I want either, but we’ll see. It’s fun to experiment and up my game, yanno?

This has been a long week with Littler home sick, but at least it’s over now. She was doing pretty well today, so she quite happily stayed in her own little fiefdom, and I stayed over here pwning work. I didn’t get all the things I wanted done for various reasons, but I got things done and it won’t put any of us into the behind ourselves lurch. Part of the not getting things done is ’cause they saw an opportunity to create some training materials in the office on a process I was preparing to do, so I stepped back and will see what’s up next week.

I guess that’s about it. Back to other things.


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