Brutally Exhausted

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Z had a little errand to run today, so we turned it into the inaugural car journey for the family (the short drive from his parent’s house the other night not counting). We had a bit of paperwork to drop off at the dealership, and stopped at shop to get some lunch as well. It’s not much of an outing, but it IS an outing. Unfortunately, even a quick little jaunt seems to have smacked me upside the head, but oh well.  I shouldn’t be surprised, but yanno, hope springs eternal from that bitch Pandora’s box or something.

((That probably came off a lot bitterer than I actually feel. Oh well.))

I am still experimenting with the blanket square to see what looks best. I think I am happy with how I am doing the increasing side, and am now trying to pin down the decreasing side so that it all looks relatively uniform. Maybe it doesn’t really matter since they’ll all get joined together, but as said — it’s about experimenting and upping my game as a knitter.

I’m also poking at Z’s jumper, of course. I need to get him over here at some point today for a measuring, just to see if the part I have done covers enough of the extra length that he requested. As the current length is about 13 inches, that should be more than sufficient. We’ll see once I hold it up against him.

Beyond that, the only thing to note is that lately, I’ve had random spikes of anxiety right before bedtime… no idea why. I go to bed, I read, and I sleep the night mainly through ’cause our new bed rocks. Maybe it has something to do with when I take my meds, and their effects are ‘running out’ around that time? It will certainly be worth bringing up to a psychiatrist next time I actually get an appointment. I have other anxiety-related things to bring up that would probably necessitate a meds tweak, so what’s one more thing on the pile. Don’t get me wrong — I’m mainly fine, but it could be improved. 🙂

Right, back to knitting.


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