A Bit of Silver

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Well okay, I’m not really sure if it’s gray, or copper. Copper is the normal colour of my highlights when I let my natural colour grow out, but — I know some gray has been sneaking in. I don’t mind really. I figure that once it goes solid white or gray, then it will be easier for me to dye it fun colours. I can hope, right?

Today has been a day of mainly gaming, in spite of my intent to make it a day of mainly knitting. A part of it was spent especially well though; I finally showed Smallhausen how to play Pokemon properly. I needed to grind her copy of Sun to the point where I could get to a Pokemon Centre so I could use a Marshadow code on her account. That took… a long time, but now it’s done. And now she understands how to battle and how to capture Pokemon, so hopefully I can get her into playing it a bit more. Or not; like the rest of us, she has a trove of games available in her personal collection. But hey, at least it meant it reminded me to charge my DSes and do my codes, in addition to getting hers all charged up for when she wants it.

Mainly though, I have been doing my best to avoid moving. My back has not been happy with me lately for some reason; I think it’s because I’m still adjusting to the new bed. Unfortunately, Z is broken all over, so I’ve tried to do a little bit for his sake. It’s not nearly enough, but like, maybe I can get my brain around doing dishes tomorrow? At the very least, tomorrow I need to get Littler through the bath, and myself as well. We’ll see. I might talk myself into putting that off until Tuesday, if only for the fact that Monday is my ‘day off’, and it’s the first one that hasn’t been bisected in some time. Gotta prioritise making sure I can do the things I have to do, including self-care down time, ’cause cripple life is rough.

For now though, the kidlets are tucked up in bed, so I am going to do my best to zone out.


4 thoughts on “A Bit of Silver

  1. Evil Kitteh

    Yeah Pokemon Sun and Moon have a very big getting started even just getting to letting you catch and such. The whole first island tutorial is just so slow seeming. Doesn’t stop me from playing more than one copy when I do play it though, just need to cycle back to playing it though with Nov 17th coming up that might take longer and hopefully Ultra Sun/Moon won’t have as much of a push.

  2. pyctsi

    Dunno if this will be helpful, but a corner plate rack can be useful for stacking devices for charging. I do that at my place, putting tablets on the larger shelf and my 3ds on the smaller ones. Keeps them in one place and you can keep the cables tidy.

    1. Raeyn Post author

      We actually have a USB charging bus for the normal things. Neil recently brought some stacked file trays from the office to help us organise a bit better, so definitely on that same page. And as for the DSes, I’ve got a single cord snaking up between desk edges to charge with. I did them one at a time until they were all done. 🙂


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