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I was well pleased with this ‘spooky’ picture. Dinner was a bit late, so I was trying to think what might make for a good picture for tonight. Littler loves to hide under blankets with her tablet, and one of the shots actually managed to match up with her peering up through the holes in the blanket. She looks like a blanket version of jack-o-lantern or something, ha ha.

I did a rather good job of my plan to not move today. Unfortunately, Z was in back nick, so his moving was rather brutal. I took some pain meds in the hopes it would help me swing around to vaguely helpful, but it didn’t really happen. I did help a bit with dinner prep, but that’s been about the extent.

I’m hoping it will feel better tomorrow (both of us, that is). I figure it’s still my back realigning via the new bed, but who knows. I am fairly confident that I am sleeping better and less fitfully, though that doesn’t change the fact I’m an epic sleep mover. But who knows. I’ve woken up the last two mornings staring blankly for some ridiculous amount of time before moving happened, so. Having said that, it could be hitting sleep cycles wrong, but even knowing how to ‘fix’ that, it’s not going to work with my janky body chemistry!

I’ve apparently run out of words, so back to knitting.



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