My Needles Are Too Big

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Like, absolutely too big — they’re 40cm long. But it’s either that, or use a fixed 100cm circular (tempting at this point), or normal sized bamboo needles (much less tempting). Of course, it doesn’t matter when in seconds I’m going to be cramming it into my bag and running for the hills, ha ha. Time is sneaking away from me and it’s almost time to go out. I’m annoyed ’cause I want to take my blanket now instead, but there’s *really* not room unless I want to take an extra bag. I already look like enough of a bag lady when I roll up… we’ll see,  ha ha.

I did a good job of mainly slacking today, right up until dinner when I set off a bomb on my Facebook wall. There’s a good article going around trying to get people to understand more about the range of people who fall between trans* and cis, being us, the genderqueer//non-binary. I had asserted that intentional misgendering was an act of violence… cue an argument on the actual nature of violence. I ended up asking a friend who works for Merriam Webster for her two cents, and she came down on the side of ‘yes, yes it is’ after a little research. We shall see what people make of it later maybe if I can stomach it. For now, time to cram crap in a bag or bags, and go fetch E for some fun in the not-sun.


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