My Needles Are Still Too Big

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So, my straight needles are 40cm (just under 16 inches). I somehow managed to make do with them last night… but not so much here at home. They kept getting in the way, so I switched to my circular… which is 100cm long. It’s slightly less ludicrous on some ways, and more ludicrous in others. I went ahead and put in an order for some reasonably sized ones (25cm, or just under 10 inches), and that will be here next week. Until then, I can forge on as-is, or work on the blanket, or both.

And yes, last night… was lovely. Good ambiance, good cheer, good knitting. And cute doggies too; I might not be a dog person (500% cat person), but dogs know that I will give them due respect and affection. The pub we go to on a Wednesday has always been dog-friendly, and we’ve been seeing a lot more of it in the evening. There were a couple with a pair of dogs with them, and the younger of the two deemed me acceptable to demand affection and support from. I didn’t mind; he was this beautiful marbled colour, and didn’t try to lick me. E loves doggos well, so she was even happier to chatter at them.

For now… gonna go find a drink, and try to get a bit more knitting done. I’m also going to try to brain a post up for The Scarlet B; it drives me around the bend at how little spoonage I have to dedicate to writing. :/


2 thoughts on “My Needles Are Still Too Big

  1. pyctsi

    I like longer needles,much less likely to catch the needle on my sleeve and drop half a dozen stitches. They are, however, a pain to carry anywhere because of the extra length.

  2. Raeyn Post author

    I tend to use circulars if anything is of any real length, but the 100cm is a bit of overkill for the tinyperson cardi that I’m doing, and the 40cm are impossible to use for any length at my desk (unless I want my elbows to be located a foot or more above the desk so I can actually operate them!). So I’m hoping that ‘normal’ 25cm will be a much saner prospect. 🙂


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