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My last hairstick broke today, quelle dommage! I’ve got a couple chucked into an Amazon basket for perusal, but I might see what Claire’s has as well. I don’t use them all the all the time, but when it’s warm like it is right now, I tend to find myself reaching for something to twist my hair away from my neck. *grabs a paintbrush for now*

I’m stupid exhausted today, which is frustrating ’cause it’s not like I’ve had to do anything. Fatigue levels have just hit a point where I have to make sure I can beeline to a destination not my chair so I don’t wobble over. It’s kind of pathetic, but haaaay, chronic fatigue gives no fucks. It’s just… I know it’s not likely to ever get any better, and i don’t see how it can get worse. I’m sure it will find deliiiiiiiiightful ways to make my life a continued hell. I’m just hoping that I can continue to keep the snarky sense of humour up, ’cause it does sustain me.

Tomorrow is the last day of the school year. I don’t have any real feelings one way or another about it, other than not having to hobble along and do the school run for a few weeks. It won’t be too bad for Littler, as she’s good at entertaining herself. Smallhausen… not so much. Well. She’s developed a fondness for Roblox, which we’re fine with. Z made a point to adjust her security settings to something reasonable, so don’t have much to worry about in that regard. Plus, she likes to show us what she’s doing; you can’t buy that kind of trust. Whether it lasts as she gets older and surlier we’ll see, but it’s cute for the moment.

I’m out tonight, which… I don’t want to move, but I don’t want to miss either. I suspect I’m going to fall asleep on the table, ha ha. And if that happens, it happens. I hopefully have crammed enough stuffing in to complete the unicorn if I want to do that, but I also have the goods to get started on that new top. We’ll see what takes me.

For now, I should probably check on Z and make sure he’s okay.


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