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The unicorn pieces are slowly nearing completion. I’ve hit my usual ‘problem’ of doing toys — I get bored doing lots of tiny bits. I’d rather do big bits and join the big bits together, yanno? But it’s fine, it’s fine. I will get it done ’cause it’s a unicorn, and I will love it and gently squish it, and find a nice place for it to sit and be eye candy.

Z said some sexy words to me today — he’s gone ahead and purchased a second air conditioning unit for the house. The last few days have necessitated using the unit again, and the forecast for the next couple of weeks is supposed to be turning hot again. Which means it’ll probably drop to freezing and trap us in a new Ice Age, but better safe than sorry. Even if we only need it a couple of days of the summer (usually), it’s nice to have it to hand, and not just for our comfort; we got the first unit when Smallhausen was a baby ’cause our old flat was constantly 30C+ well until midnight. That is not a safe environment for a baby. It’s not getting *quite* that bad upstairs, but it’s still pretty severe.

Well, on to ‘brighter’ things. Littlerbit is taking steps towards being a bigger girl. Through attrition, she’s off of soothers/pacifiers now. She’d not been permitted one during naptime in ages, but we’d not gotten to weaning her off at bedtime. It took us forever to get her to do bed properly, so we didn’t want to rock the boat. The plan was to start in on it this weekend… but she beat us to it. She’s mainly okay with it.

She’s also trying to use the potty. I’m not sure what changed her mind, but I’m not complaining. She’s not gotten the hang of it yet, but that’s fine. She wants to do it, that’s the main thing. I’d rather she do it on her own terms, because that’s going to lead to a better chance of success. And, not gonna lie, glad she’s decided she wants to do it at 3 rather than 4.

For now, gonna sit around waiting for rain.


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